Thanjavur Travel Guide

Thanjavur is a city in the state of Tamil Nadu with a lot of cultural significance. The city is an important centre where the South Indian culture, art and architecture is highlighted in its full glory. The city has the majority of the Great Living Chola Temples, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanjavur is also famous for its unique painting style known as Tanjore painting.

Thanjavur is a prominent pilgrimage destination in south India and is one of the cultural centres that preserves and promotes the cultural heritage of India. Brihadeeswarar Temple is the most visited place in the city and the architecture of the building is truly a landmark in the evolution of building art. The walls of the sanctum are covered by beautiful Tanjore paintings from the Chola Empire. The Thanjavur Maratha Palace, Saraswati Mahal Library and the Sivaganga Park are some of the other tourist attractions in the city. Thanjavur hosts many cultural fairs and festivals where the local dance forms and Carnatic music is on display.

Most popular places to visit in Thanjavur