Salem Travel Guide

Salem is a city in Tamil Nadu and was part of the famous trade route with the Roman Empire, thousands of years ago. The area was part of the Chera dynasty and was later governed by Poligars who were responsible for building the forts and temples.

Salem has several Hindu temples with Mariamman temple being the most prominent one. The temple dedicated to the Goddess Mariamman, has an annual five-day festival. Some of the other major temples are Sugavaneshwar temple, Mamannan Sundara temple, Kottai Perumal temple, Sithar Koli, Kumaragiri Hill temple and Karadu Hill temple. Some of the temples are built atop the hills in Salem.

Tipu Sultan built Jamia Masjid in the heart of the city and it is the oldest mosque in the area. Christ Church, Lechler Memorial Church and Infant Jesus Church are some of the Christian religious sites in the area.

Most popular places to visit in Salem