Rameshwaram Travel Guide

Rameshwaram is a city located on the Pamban Island, separated from the mainland, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The island is connected by Pamban Bridge to mainland India and is just 40 kms away from Sri Lanka. Along with Varanasi, Rameshwaram is considered one of the holiest places in India in Hindu culture and is part of the Char Dham pilgrimage.

The town houses the Ramanathaswamy Temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The town is famous for being the land that was used by Lord Rama to go to the kingdom of Lanka to rescue his wife, Sita. The legend is that he built a connecting land bridge called Rama Sethu. This legend has a strong cultural significance, making it popular among Hindu pilgrims.

Travelling in the train to reach the town is a different experience as you cross a distance of more than 2 kms over the open Pamban Bridge. The bridge is a double leaf bascule bridge that can be raised to let the ships pass.

Most popular places to visit in Rameshwaram