Kanchipuram Travel Guide

Kancheepuram, also known as Kanchi, is a city in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The town is a major pilgrimage site as it is home to several temples, predominantly of the Hindu god Vishnu. The area saw the spread of Buddhism between 1st and 5th century with major exponents like Aryadeva, Dignaga, Buddhaghosa and Dhanmmapala. Bodhidharma, an Indian Buddhist monk credited for inventing the Shaolin Kung, resided in this part of the world.

The city came into prominence when the Pallava kingdom shifted their capital here and fortified the city with ramparts, planned roads and artistic temples. Kailasanathar temple, built in the 7th century is the oldest temple in the city. The other historical monuments in the city are Vaikunta Perumal temple, Ekambareshwar temple and Kamakshi Amman temple, among many other temples. The temples have numerous sculptures and statues with intricate designs.

Most popular places to visit in Kanchipuram