Punjab Travel Guide

Punjab is a state in the western part of India and shares a common capital with Haryana - Chandigarh. Punjab is so named because of five rivers flowing through the state. This makes it a state that is great at agriculture and generates maximum revenue by doing so.

The ancient Indus Valley Civilisation was central to this region and has seen different rulers over time. The state has witnessed many historical activities especially during the time of British Raj, as a major part of the area is now a part of Pakistan. The Sikh dominated state has seen many freedom fighters coming from the state who are still dearly remembered by the people of country.

The state is home to the majority of the Sikh community in the world and has numerous gurudwaras spread across the state, with the Golden Temple being the holiest. Many festivals and fairs take place during different occasions, and they bring the unique culture, clothes, cuisines and dance forms to the forefront.