Agra Fort Agra

Agra Fort is an important historical monument as it was the main residence of Mughal Emperors until 1638. The Fort, more accurately a walled city, along with Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort was initially the palace of Ibraim Lodi and was used by the Lodi dynasty until Babur captured the city and started the Mughal reign. There were many additions and renovations done inside the fort city over the years by subsequent rulers. It was during the rule of Shah Jahan that the fort took its current shape and brought in a new style by including white buildings instead of red.

The fort city has 70-ft high walls running parallel to the river on one side with huge entrance gates. The Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate are the most popular gates with Delhi gate considered the grandest during the reign of Akbar. It was the formal entry gate for the Emperor and had numerous designs, inlays and maximum security.