Madhya Travel Guide

Madhya Pradesh is a state lying in the central part of India with Bhopal as its capital. The largest city is Indore and the other major cities are Gwalior, Jabalpur and Ujjain. The official language of the state is Hindi. Madhya Pradesh has seen a lot of restructuring with its geographical boundaries in the recent past, giving shape to the present day MP.

Remains and artefacts from the Mesolithic time period have been found in the area, showing that there was population during that period. Many rulers have ruled the region, leaving their mark with the numerous temples, forts and other monuments built across the state.

Madhya Pradesh is home to Khajurao, which has some of the best temples with magnificent sculptures and statues adorning the walls of the temples. The state has various national parks, hill stations, world heritage sites and dance festivals, which attract a lot of tourists every year.