Himachal Travel Guide

Himachal Pradesh is a state in the Northern part of India with Shimla as its capital. The state has many mountains of the Himalayan range that are covered by snow during the winters. Dharamshala is the second capital during the winters and is home to the Tibetan community, along with His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Himachal Pradesh was part of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation and tribes lile Lp;I, Hali, Dagi, Dasa, Khas, Kinnar occupied the area during that era and flourished between 2250 and 1750 BC.

The major cities or hill stations in this state are Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Bilaspur, Dharamshala, Solang and Spiti. The state is spread across valleys where many perennial river streams flow. These rivers produce surplus amounts of hydroelectricity with numerous power plants. Himachal is home to one of the richest biodiversities in the world with different species of plants and animals. Tourism and agriculture are the important economic activities of the state.

Most popular places to visit in Himachal Pradesh