India Holiday Packages

India as a country has rich heritage attached to it, since the land has witnessed some of the major developments in human civilization. India gets its name because of the river Indus and the incredible civilisation that lived here in the area around the river, thousands of years ago. India was a country with all the riches in the world and thus saw many invasions over time. Therefore, India has a mixed culture with all the rulers leaving their mark in some or the other way. You get to experience all this through the different historical forts, palaces, monuments and religious sites spread across the country.

India is undoubtedly the only country in the world that has so much diversity in all it has to offer. Whether it’s the geographical conditions, the culture, heritage or traditions, the food and clothing, India has diversity in all of it. Through any of the India holiday packages, you can experience some of the best moments of your life. The country is ideal for tourists coming for different reasons. This is because they experience any kind of adventure sports, the natural beauty and indulge in leisure activities. Tourists looking for any religious or spiritual purpose or just experiences of the unique cultures spread across the country can also enjoy themselves.

The best thing about India that tourists (especially foreign tourists) witness is the rich diversity in culture and traditions. You can literally come across a new culture every 200 km in the country! You can experience the different local cuisines, clothing styles, local cultural activities, dance forms and songs. In fact, all 29 states in the country have something different to offer you. With each state offering its own history, travelling to different ones makes it a terrific experience for all tourists. Make your India Tour Packages, you can experience the country by going to all the major tourist destinations. Rajasthan, Kashmir, Goa, Sikkim, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and West Bengal are a few of the many states that have great tourism.

All the India tours can help you explore the different aspects of the country. There are innumerable trekking options among the many mountain ranges the country has, especially in the mighty Himalayas. You can explore the different terrains with desert safaris, jungle safaris, and various water, air or land adventure sports. Apart from the natural beauty the country has, you can experience the ancient art and culture infused in the current lifestyle as well.

India is surely one country that leaves a lasting memory in your mind because of the vibrant experiences it provides. Select India Holidays is a reliable Travel Agency in India and always takes extra care of its clients traveling to India.